Zap Your Electrical Problems for Good

Zap Your Electrical Problems for Good

Call for electrical troubleshooting in New Boston & De Kalb, TX

Whether your lights are flickering or your circuit breaker keeps tripping, you can count on JR Hazel Services for electrical repair services. Our electrician utilizes more than three decades of industry experience to fix your electrical components as quickly as possible.

Schedule an appointment with JR Hazel Services right away. We serve residents throughout New Boston & De Kalb, TX.

JR Hazel Services is the company to call for a variety of electrical repair services, including:

  • Light fixture repair
  • Outlet repair
  • Circuit breaker repair
  • Appliance repair

We also offer electrical troubleshooting. We'll inspect your electrical system thoroughly, explain our findings and walk you through our repair solution.

Neglecting your electrical problems can lead to a fire or other issues. Don't put your family at risk. Call JR Hazel Services 903-277-1309 now to get a project estimate in New Boston & De Kalb, TX.